Often there is a need to edit an image online quickly, without installing bulky programs on the computer, complex programs with a lot of settings and often a fee. Fortunately, at the moment there are a lot of possibilities to edit images online from the browser that can fully meet your needs. And below I present 11 of the best free online photo editing programs, online image editing applications directly from the browser.

1. Online photo editing programs – Pixlr

Pixlr Editor, one of the most versatile editors available online, offers the possibility to fully delve into photo editing. Pixlr provides a complete editing environment, reminiscent of Photoshop and Pixelmator. It has a main toolbar and palettes like “Navigator”, “History”, and most importantly “Layers”.

The top vertical menu contains controls and settings, such as filters, transforms, and warps. And that’s not all, the editor is available in 25 languages. The elegant online program is fast and seamless even when used on the home network. The program works in its own application framework and saves the images both in its own format and in four other universal formats including TIFF, with the possibility of posting them in the library of the social network or directly on the hard drive.

But what if you need a quick edit? Nothing easier. Open the image in Pixlr Express which offers a completely different experience, seven tabs that guide you around a slider-based interface that doesn’t require much knowledge in image editing. The Express tool offers basic modifiers for exposure control, sharpening and cropping, with an emphasis on special effects such as tilt shift and filter enhancement.

Pros: Complete collection of sophisticated editing tools; several levels of complexity; excellent performance; editor’s choice to use.

Cons: Pixlr could use some background editing features for some images.

2. Fotor – online photo editing programs

With its friendly and easy-to-use interface, Fotor offers five separate photo enhancement and editing utilities wrapped in an attractive package. In addition to the basic editing elements, here are modules for creating collages, greetings, and HDRI images, the new mode, called “Beauty”, accompanied by the “selfie” phenomenon for improving people’s portraits.

The new “Effects” module offers an assortment of filters such as “Lens Flare”, “B+W”, “Color Splash”, and “Tilt-Shift”. Frames, Clip Art and Text that give you the ability to add special elements to your image. Fotor is a simple but ad-supported program in the bottom module that can be distracting. At each editing step, you must execute the change. That is, if you want to apply several remedies for an image, you cannot view everything at once. Not only that, Fotor offers exceptional and high-performance functionalities.

Pros: Easy to use; friendly and engaging; different opportunities available; good performance.

Cons: Intermittent advertising can be distracting; each operation needs to be finished before moving on.

3. Online photo editing program – PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a consumer-oriented editor, it conveniently allows you to choose the quality of image cropping right at the time of download, following a primate model, you can choose from Roger, Pierce and Sean, monkey names, presumably, that serve as presuppositions for different levels of image quality. Each setting in PicMonkey opens up additional elements that allow you to modify and customize the picture, and just like in Fotor, it requires you to finish one task completely in order to move on to another. The handy toolbar at the top allows you to freely experiment with undo and redo.

PicMonkey offers much of its service for free, however, if you look closely, a small crown appears in the left menu denoting the possibility of a paid upgrade. In addition, the application offers a wide variety of filters and fonts available for free.

Pros: Many artistic elements; opportunity to control the cutting quality of the image when cutting.

Cons: Intermittent advertising at the bottom; it is necessary to finish one operation completely to start another.

4. Online photo editing program – BeFunky

Avoiding the cluttered interface as a result of sidebar advertising – BeFunky has many sophisticated elements such as “Cartoonizer”, “Inkify” paints, grunge style frames, large collection of stickers and backgrounds, a large selection causes a sense of indecision. A mundane image can be transformed into a gorgeous one, but it will inevitably take some time before reaching the final version. And even then, you can come back to try something new.

BeFunky has the option to create collages, which allows you to add a number of images to your own template or a preset one.

5. Online photo editing program – Ribbet

If you have ever used Picnik, the online publisher acquired and closed by Google, you will immediately recognize the Ribbet interface. There is no mystery here as Ribbet is built on the Picnik platform. The editor has the same friendly look and feel with progress bars falling out.

The Basic Edit menu is where you go to adjust your image. While the Auto Fix option does a good job of fixing the exposure, try the basic editing options first. Sophisticated choices available for cropping specific image sizes for different social networks like buddyicon for Flickr, Twitter image, etc. The attention to detail in the special effects, stickers, texts, frames, touchup, pro features, and seasonal filters, many of which you can set to your liking, is worth highlighting.

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